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Log Holiday homes -13 built in Yorkshire

Finnish Log Homes Designed to inspire

We have been a market leader since 2002 and take pride in our reputation for providing iconic, exclusive and unique log buildings which reflect the latest trends in design, sustainability and technology.

Whether you are looking for classical and traditional, chic and contemporary, or stylish and sophisticated, our log buildings are the ideal solution for both home and business use.

The possibilities of where you can enjoy a log building are only limited by your imagination. Stunning whether nestled alongside a picturesque lake, set in the heart of a mature forest, or located within the grounds of an existing property or business, our log buildings can perfectly complement the surroundings you have in mind.

Kontio_Well_Being wood house interior

Durable and Ecological Kontio

Kontio log homes are made to last from generation to generation. As a proof of durability you can see hundreds of years old log houses everywhere in Nordic countries. The long life of a Kontio house is based on very durable Arctic Pine and the innovative solutions developed to meet the toughest climatic conditions. Long-lived Kontio is an excellent investment as well as an ecological choice. Wood is a renewing and the most ecological building material. A growing tree binds carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air and releases oxygen. One cubic metre of wood stores about 800 kilograms of carbon dioxide. When a Kontio log house is built, dozens of tons of carbon dioxide are absorbed to the structures for generations to come – an ecological act that fights and slows down climate change. Building a Kontio home is an excellent investment and a truly ecological choice.


Kontio WoodHow™ & Energy Efficient Solutions

With an experience of 40 years Kontio can offer you the first-class quality housing. Kontio houses are manufactured in the world’s largest factory, using the latest technology and the best know-how in the industry. We use high-quality Arctic pine including a large share of durable heartwood. In the laminated log innovation by Kontio, we turn the lasting heartwood to the log surface, thereby further improving weather resistance and long-term durability. Our R&D engineers develop new solutions in cooperation with leading research institutions. Functional and carefully tested structures, joints and details guarantee a high-quality, energy-efficient and elegantly finished building. Kontio WoodHow™ stands for all this knowhow. Kontio houses are designed to meet today’s high demands and to radiate warm atmosphere.


Kontio Healthy Living

People spend as much as 90 per cent of their time indoors: at home, in school and at job. Because of this, the buildings where we spend time play a significant role for our health and wellbeing. Every Kontio home is an example of healthy living. Kontio logs breathe in moisture. They absorb humidity from the air and, when indoor air gets dry, release water vapour back into indoor air. Massive wood evens out moisture variations in indoor air. The breathing structure of Kontio logs forms the basis for a healthy house, thus preventing detrimental moisture damage. Kontio arctic pine is a natural, warm and relaxing material that has an impact on our mental wellbeing. Research results have shown that nature and natural materials reduce stress, lower blood pressure, create positive feelings and improve the quality of sleep. This is a basis for a better and longer life. Massive wood creates a special, tranquil ambience that cannot be accomplished with other building materials. You have to experience it.


Kontio Architecture and Design

Kontio consists of a cosy atmosphere, a beautiful and practical architecture and well-designed technical solutions that give the residents comfort and wellbeing in everyday life and leisure time for decades to come. The design and architecture of Kontio leisure homes and houses stand time. The classic elegance of log, the warm and soothing tones of wood and the magnificent architecture bring a natural balance to the modern living of the present day. Our wide collection includes modern and classical buildings as well as buildings varying in size and the number of floors. We also implement individual homes and unique sites based on the plans prepared by the client or by an architect. Moreover, we use an international network of architects for designing individual homes based on the clients’ needs and dreams. Natural

Smaller range of Garden Offices / Log Cabins

At Finnish log homes we are supply garden buildings for an excellent ourdoor escape whether it be for outdoor office or a summer hosue

As these products are under the 2.5 height they do not require planning permission as long as they are not used for accommodation.

Some of our most popular products from our Lillevilla range


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